Aspects of Tzedakah [Philanthropy]

Prioritizing family and local paupers: Bava Metzia 71a
Source for giving even to distant paupers: Bava Metzia 31b, 71a
Is a donor empowered to earmark tzedakah for specific purposes: Bava Metzia 78b
Gd clothes those who need clothes; so should we: Sotah 14a
Even paupers are to provide philanthropy: Gittin 7b
Mitzvah of giving philanthropy to aid a Ger Toshav: Pesachim 21b
Better to have a Shabbat without special additions, than to have to ask for philanthropy: Shabbat 118a; Pesachim 112a, 113a
If a poor person approaches a wealthy person and asks him for support, and the wealthier person refuses, then Gd will make the poor person wealthy and make the wealthy person poor: Temurah 16a
A person who is arrogant will end up in Gehennom, even if he gives philanthropy in secret: Sotah 4b-5a
Better to hire paupers for a job than to purchase an eved: Bava Metzia 60b
One ought to give tzedakah while he still has money, rather than wait until he is in financial trouble: Shabbat 151b

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