The Arrival of the Messiah

A true translation of the "Writings" Section of the Torah would contain the secret of when the Messiah will arrive: Megillah 3a

The Name of Messiah was Created before the Universe: Pesachim 54a; Nedarim 39b

The Death of the Messiah descendant from the tribe of Joseph: Succah 52a [2x]

Gd wanted Cyrus to build the Temple himself, and Gd complained to the Mashiach when Cyrus left it up to the Jews, instead: Megillah 12a

The Messiah descendant from David will request [eternal] life when he sees the fate of the Messiah from Joseph, and it will be his: Succah 52a

The Messiah from David, the Messiah from Joseph, Eliyahu and Shem ["The Righteous Kohen"] as the 4 foundations of the Redemption: Succah 52b

The Messiah as one of the 8 "Princes" - Yishai, Saul, Samuel, Amos, Tzefaniah, Tzidkiyahu/Chizkiyahu, Messiah, Eliyahu: Succah 52b

Days of the week when the Messiah can/cannot come: Eruvin 43a-b; Pesachim 13a

Not issuing a legal ruling which has no relevance until Mashiach arrives [Hilchita l'Meshicha]: Zevachim 44b-45a

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