Miscellaneous Principles

Cases of safek, in biblical and rabbinic laws

Cases involving multiple layers of safek [sfek sfeika]

Determinant majorities in mixtures of different types of items

Weighing possibility vs. certainty; Issues of chazakah

"Human Nature" Presumptions

Discerning an item's halachic status, ex post facto [Bereirah]

Making an assumption about an item's halachic status based on the last known reality [Batra]

If an item leaves a mixture, it is assumed to have been from the majority [Kol DeParish]

The question of whether an act which is forbidden can still have legally recognized and valid results [Ee Avid (Lo) Mehani]

An item within a mixture has a 50% chance of being from either element of the mixture [Kol Kavua]

Power of the Local Government's Laws [Dina d'Malchuta]

The Role of integral elements of Mitzvah performance [Matirin]

If certain mitzvot could have been practiced properly, it is as though they were [Kol HaRa'uy LeBeelah]

Adding to Mitzvot / Subtracting from Mitzvot [Bal tosif and Bal tigra]

Declaring a condition, in a vow or a contract, which contradicts Torah Law [Matneh al mah sheKatuv baTorah]

Disposing of items/funds from mitzvot

The majority's habits are the norm [batlah daato eitzel kol adam]

"Hoil": Since X may occur, Y action is permitted

The status of items located in mid-air

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