How to Perform a Mitzvah


Tradition מסורה

Rabbinic mitzvot מצוות דרבנן

Taamei haMitzvot - reasons for mitzvot טעמי המצוות

Performing mitzvot altruistically - לשמה

The Pursuit of Righteousness בעל נפש

Beautifying the practice of a mitzvah הידור מצוה

Mental focus in performing a mitzvah כוונה

Eagerness for mitzvot זריזות

The mitzvot were not given for [physical] benefit מצוות לאו ליהנות ניתנו

The Ways of the Torah are pleasant דרכיה דרכי נועם

Mitzvot which are "performed in their best form" מצוה מן המובחר

Disposing of items/funds from mitzvot

Ascending in holiness, vs. descending מעלין בקודש

Priority in choosing between two active mitzvot, and between a mitzvah (Aseh) and a prohibition (Lo Taaseh)

Priority in choosing between items for use for a mitzvah

Whether an assist in a mitzvah counts as fulfillment of a mitzvah מסייע

Adding to, or Removing from, a mitzvah בל תוסיף ובל תגרע

Concern for waste בל תשחית

Publicizing G-d's miracles פרסומי ניסא

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