Collateral and Liens

Issues of Bills

A Bill for a Loan

Oral Loans

Lending money for interest [ribbit]

Collecting from Heirs

Bankruptcy, Debtors and Creditors

Mitzvah of Lending to the Poor

Achrayut - Claiming Property which became Bound to Another

Evaluation of a Debtor's Property

Process of Reimbursal

Types & Qualities of Reimbursal

Collecting from a Co-Signer

Sabbatical Cycle and Loans

General Issues of the Sabbatical Year

Prozbul-Bill Forgoing the Sabbatical Annulment of Loans

Borrower's Denial; Oath of the Borrower

General oath of contradicting a claim

Oath if one admits part of a Loan

Rabbinic enactments encouraging lending - shelo tinol delet bifnei lovin

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