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Acts of Kindness
Tzedakah, Helping People, Caring for Animals, Chesed
Biblical Figures
People from the Bible [Tanach]
Blessings and Prayers
For Daily and Special Occasions
Calendar Issues
Calendar Calculation, Fast Days, Holidays, Shabbat
Clothing and Grooming
Styles of Dress, Clothing Materials, Special Garments
Issues in Proper Speech
Death and Mourning
Death, Life After Death, The Supernatural
Issues in Owning a Home
Family Issues
Marriage, Parenting, Sexuality
Food and Agriculture
Farming, Animal Husbandry, Kashrut
Theological Issues, Issues in Idolatry
The Land, The Cities of Israel, The Mitzvot
Judicial System
Court Structure, Court Powers, Case Procedure
The Halachic Process
General Principles, Loopholes, Special Cases
Ritual Purity
Tumah and Taharah - Purity and Impurity
Secular Wisdom
Humanities and Sciences
Special People/Animals
Social Classes, Positions of Power, Unique Creatures
Supernatural Issues
Angels, Demons and the Paranormal
The Temple
Beit haMikdash, Offerings, Hekdesh [Sanctified Property]
The Books of the Torah, Torah Scholars
Torah Study
The Mitzvah; Methods of Study; Hermeneutics
Transactions and Torts
Property Ownership & Acquisition; Laws of Damages

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