Abayye's Mother

Whether references to Abayye's Mother are actually to his nurse, who raised him: Kiddushin 31b
Mother's cure-all plaster for pains: Shabbat 133b
Abayye's mother designed a lined "garment" to cover and protect the circumcision: Shabbat 134a
Mother's advice for healthy eating: Ketuvot 10b
Mother's advice for taking care of infants: Shabbat 134a
Abayye's Mother made sure he wouldn't fall into a Magical "Zugot" situation: Pesachim 110a
Abayye's Mother prepared mustard for him on Shabbos, like those who permitted it, but Abayye refused to eat it: Shabbat 140a
Abayye's Mother told him how to know whether various public rumors had a base of truth or not: Moed Katan 18b
Abayye's mother told him that burnt grain is good for the heart and for relief of anxiety: Eruvin 29b
Abayye's mother told him that for weakness in his heart he should eat meat from a ram's right thigh, roasted over a coal from springtime animal dung or willow splinters, and then drink diluted wine: Eruvin 29b

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