Abayye's Involvement with Rava and Rav Pappa

Asked Rava who would eulogize Rava, given that the people of Pumbedisa hated him: Shabbat 153a
Rava sending a response to Abayye, via Rav Shemaya bar Zeira: Eruvin 93a
Abayye and Rava were labelled "Dardeki [Children]" by Rav Yosef, for schemes they invented for carrying items prohibited for carrying on Shabbat: Shabbat 142b
Abayye used to entertain Rava [perhaps Rabbah] by juggling 8, or perhaps 4, eggs: Succah 53a
Abayye offers an answer which changes a Talmudic text, and Rava refuses it: Shabbat 122b; Pesachim 46a; Ketuvot 12a; Sotah 7b, 8b, 11a
In a dispute with Rava, flipping sides with him: Shabbat 92a
Abayye answering for Rava's side in a debate: Shabbat 123a
Abayye Killing Rav Pappa's parents via Evil Eye: Yevamot 106a
Called Rav Pappa "Yatom [Orphan]": (see Rashi) Ketuvot 17b
Placed Rav Pappa in the path of a "Ketev Meriri" Spirit instead of Rav Huna Beraih DeRav Yehoshu'a, because Rav Pappa was rich and had better Mazal: Pesachim 111b
Abayye and Rava had a lifelong disagreement regarding transport on Shabbat in a certain alley in the house of Bar Chavu: Eruvin 15a
Rava diluted and then tasted wine and didn't like it, so he returned it to the store. Abayye challenged him that the merchant might then sell it as undiluted wine: Bava Metzia 60a

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