Abayye's Involvement with other Sages

The Law follows Abayye in 6 cases: Bava Metzia 22b
Abayye said that although he left Rabbah's house sated, he was able to eat 60 dishes presented by Mari bar Mar, and he wanted to eat the plates when he was done; Abayye said, "A pauper is hungry without knowing it," and, "There's always room for sweets": Megillah 7b
Went to go see how Ulla made Havdalah, for Rav Yehudah: Pesachim 104b
Rejecting a Text-Changing Answer of Rav Yehudah: Pesachim 45b
"The Smith is locked up on his own stockade" referring to an answer brought on R' Yehudah from his own statement: Pesachim 28a
Rav Acha bar Yaakov sent his son to learn before Abayye, then went in his stead when he found that his son was not as talented as himself: Kiddushin 29b
Abayye had Rav Acha bar Yaakov sent to a room which was known to have a "Damaging Creature" in it [without Rav Acha's knowledge], and when it appeared to Rav Acha bar Yaakov as a snake with 7 heads, each bow of Rav Acha knocked off a head until it was defeated: Kiddushin 29b
Abayye was surprised when Rav Mesharshiya and the scholars didn't stand for him when he was on the other side of a river; they explained that they hadn't noticed his presence: Kiddushin 33a
Abayye allowed a merchant of Phylacteries, "Bar Chavu," to write the parchments by heart, because the chapters inside are well-known: Megillah 18b
Asking a young scholar about a lesson of Rav Sheshet, and then praising the student upon receiving a satisfactory answer: Megillah 27a
Rava bar Rav Chanan asked what the law was in a certain case; Abayye responded, "Go see what the nation does [Puk Chazi Mai Ama Dabar]": Eruvin 14b
Rabbah bar Rav Chanan said to Abayye, "If the master [Rabbah] had heard Law X, he would have changed his mind." Rabbah bar Rav Chanan was incorrect: Eruvin 38b-39a
Rabbah bar Rav Chanan terming Abayye and Rabbah "Great Men": Eruvin 68a
Rabbah bar Rav Chanan had a certain practice, which Abayye challenged. Rabbah bar Rav Chanan renounced his practice: Eruvin 51b-52a
How Rav Menashya bar Gada handled the breakup of a manager/investor partnership involving livestock, and Abayye's response: Bava Metzia 69a
Abayye heard a statement by Rav Dimi, and asked, "Is it possible you mean...?" Rav Dimi responded, "Man with the great skull [this is a term of honor]! I saw you in the study hall when R' Yochanan taught that!": Eruvin 22b
R' Zeira merged the properties in the town of R' Chiyya's study hall, to permit transport between the properties on Shabbat, relying on certain information he had received from the town elders regarding the way Rav Chiyya bar Asi had done it. Abayye challenged him based on other data, and R' Zeira conceded, 'I didn't know that.': Eruvin 59b
Abayye stated a lesson before Rav Safra, who corrected him. When Abayye told the correction to Rav Yosef, Rav Yosef rebuked him for not asking a certain question against Rav Safra's correction: Eruvin 45b
Abayye was once teaching a lesson, and Rav Safra stumped him with a question. Abayye re-told the exchange to Rav Yosef, who asked, "Why didn't you just answer X?" Abayye had held differently from idea X, though: Eruvin 103a
Rabbah bar Rav Chanan called Abayye "Tarda [Confused person -Rashi Bava Metzia 20b; Dribbling Idiot -Aruch; Rashi Keritot 18b renders it as shoteh or lazy person]": Keritot 18b [2x]

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