Avraham at the "Covenant of the Pieces"

The "Covenant of the Pieces" between Gd and Avraham happened before the promise of an heir: Tos. Berachot 7b #1

Avraham wanting to know what merit would save the Jews when they sinned, during and after the Temple Era: Taanit 27b; Megillah 31b

Avraham asking Gd for a guarantee that his descendants would get Israel: Nedarim 32a

Gd telling Avraham to forget Astrology because it would have no effect on the Jews, and that he would indeed have a son: Shabbat 156a-b; Nedarim 32a

The Jews not wanting to rely on Avraham's mercy in the Future, because he didn't ask for mercy when he heard that his children would be avadim: Shabbat 89b

Gd's request that the Jews loot Egypt, to fulfill the promise of the "Covenant of the Pieces": Berachot 9a-b

Avraham's age at the "Covenant of the Pieces": Tos. Berachot 7b #1

When Jacob sent Joseph from Chevron, it was according to Gd's plan, as Gd had told Avraham that his descendants would be strangers in a land which would not be theirs: Sotah 11a

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