Oaths where the Suspect isn't Credible

Suspecting someone for his Oath, if he is not trusted for Testimony: Bava Metzia 5b

One who falsely denied a debt: Bava Metzia 4a

One who falsely denied having been given an object to watch: Bava Metzia 4a, 5b

One who is not trustworthy for money is not trustworthy for an Oath: Bava Metzia 5b-6a

Having the one who is requiring the Oath swear, instead of the untrustworthy subject: Bava Metzia 5a

For a case of Oath of Contradiction: Bava Metzia 5a-b, 16b-17a

For a case when the borrower claims that he paid, for a Bill documenting an act of the Courts: Bava Metzia 17a-b

For a case where the borrower claims that he paid, when told by the court that he owes X money: Bava Metzia 17a

Oath for one who pays for a lost object, rather than having him swear that it was never given to him: Bava Metzia 5b

One who was required to swear, and claimed to have swore, but witnesses deny this: Bava Metzia 17a

In the Above case, splitting between cases where the oath is self-required or court-ordered: Bava Metzia 17a

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