Causing Someone to Err - Lifnei Iver

Selling leaven to a nochri before Pesach, where he might resell it to a Jew: Pesachim 40b
Giving damaged coins to someone who might use them to cheat someone: Bava Metzia 52a-b
Concern for causing unwitting error if one buys Sabbatical produce from a person who won't keep the money away from ordinary use: Succah 39a-b
Doing something which will enrage someone else: Kiddushin 32a
Giving meat with its Forbidden Fat intact to your wife on Friday: Chagigah 5a
Striking one's adult child, leading him to strike back: Moed Katan 17a
Giving A Limb from a Live Animal to a Nochri: Pesachim 22b
Giving Wine to a Nazirite: Pesachim 22b
Giving a nochri clothing containing Wool and Linen which may not be easily identified: Pesachim 40b
Giving animals to a shepherd to guard, if he is suspected of grazing on others' property: Bava Metzia 5b
Selling produce which may not have been tithed [demai], or giving it as a gift, to someone who might pass it along to someone who won't realize it requires tithing, causing him to err: Bava Metzia 56a
Engaging in a loan with prohibited interest: Bava Metzia 75b
Lending money without witnesses: Bava Metzia 75b

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