Harvesting the Field's Corner [Peah]

Allowing a non-pauper to have some collecting ability, since he could renounce his property and so become a pauper: Gittin 12a, Bava Metzia 9b
For a non-pauper to collect for a specific pauper: Gittin 11b-12a; Bava Metzia 9b-10a
For a pauper to collect for another pauper: Bava Metzia 9b-10a
The Above two cases, if the collector said "I took it for myself" before/after delivering it to the other person: Bava Metzia 10a
Throwing already-collected Field-Corner atop other Field-Corner to acquire it: Bava Metzia 10a
Falling atop the Field-Corner: Bava Metzia 10a
Spreading a garment atop the Field-Corner: Bava Metzia 10a
Point when Peah becomes permitted to the Community at large, as the paupers have given up: Taanit 6b

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