The Text of a Bill of Divorce

[Unclear] Phraseologies which are not valid for the statement of divorce: Nedarim 5b-6a; Kiddushin 5b
The specific language for the Body of the Bill: Nedarim 5b
The Bill may be written in any language: Gittin 19b
Why the time must be on the bill: Gittin 17a-18a
The hour isn't written: Gittin 17b
How to number the days of the week: Pesachim 106a
Validity of a Bill without the time on it: Gittin 3b, 17b
If the time was there, and then it was removed: Gittin 17b
If some element of the time is missing, such as the month or year: Gittin 17b
Changing some element of the rabbinically established format of the Bill: Gittin 5b; Bava Metzia 55b
Whether the names of the people involved, and those of their towns, need be specified and distinguished from all others: Gittin 20a

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