Who may Refuse an Arranged Marriage

Ability of a Deaf and Mute woman to Refuse: Yevamot 112b-113a
Whether there is a limit on the number of divorces beyond which one can Refuse: Yevamot 108b
Whether one who was married can Refuse, or only one who went through Engagement: Yevamot 107a
Whether Refusal can be done after going to the husband's messengers pre-Marriage, according to the opinion that a married woman can't Refuse: Yevamot 107a
Disallowing Refusal by a married woman, to protect her property for her: Yevamot 107a
Whether Refusal can be done on a dead man: Yevamot 107a-b, 108b, 111b
Above, where the Refusal will Allow her to do Levirate Marriage: Yevamot 108b
Teaching the girl to Refuse, where the Refusal will allow her sister to do Levirate Marriage: Yevamos 109a, 111b; Niddah 7b-8a
Whether one can Refuse on a Brother-in-Law, post-Levirate Marriage: Yevamot 107a, 107a-b
Refusing a Brother-in-Law who has done Ma'amar: Yevamot 107a-b
Refusing a Brother-in-Law, before any Levirate Marriage-act has been performed: Yevamot 107a-b
Refusing one Brother-in-Law where there are others: Yevamot 107b
Refusing more than one marriage: Yevamot 107a, 107b

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