One Who Can't Avoid Transgression - Oness

The status of a person who committed a crime, thinking it permissible: Makkot 7b, 9a
The Torah only commands one who is capable of fulfilling the requirement: Kiddushin 35a
Divine Reward for intent to do a Mitzvah, where fulfillment was impossible: Kiddushin 40a
In a case where someone is kept from fulfilling a requirement by unavoidable circumstance, Gd exempts him [Rachmana Patreih]: Nedarim 27a
Levels of "unavoidable circumstances": Nedarim 27a-b
Special rules for "Sheat HaDechak [Specially Pressing Circumstances]": Niddah 6a-b, 9b
An animal which is forced to kill: Temurah 28b
Equating training with being forced into something: Rashi Temurah 28b s.v. "Nogeiach Lo"
Praying on behalf of a person who is forced to sin by Gentiles, temporary insanity, or poverty: Eruvin 41b
Intoxication as an excuse: Eruvin 64b-65a
Whether a Nazirite brings offerings if he becomes impure through circumstance beyond his control: Keritot 9a

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