The Garment

Please note that within this document, the term "Tzitzit" refers to the fringe-strings which are worn on the corners of four-cornered garments.

The minimum size of such a garment: Menachot 40b-41a
Validity of Tzitzit for an undersized garment: Menachot 40b-41a
A borrowed garment: Menachot 44a
A Garment which is entirely dyed Techelet: Menachot 38b, 41b
A garment with 5 corners: Zevachim 18b; Menachot 43b
A garment with 3 corners: Zevachim 18b; Menachot 43b
Making Wool Tzitzit for a garment of flax: Menachot 39a, 39b-40b
Making Flax Tzitzit for a garment of wool: Menachot 39b
A garment of various types of silk: Menachot 39b
A nighttime garment: Zevachim 18b; Menachot 40b, 41a, 46a
A blind person's garment: Zevachim 18b
A garment which is stored in a box, where it is [not] intended for eventual wearing: Menachot 41a
A garment which has a corner, or some other part, made of leather: Menachot 40b
A garment which is currently folded in half, and not sewn up, partly sewn, or fully sewn: Menachot 41a
If the garment is torn, more or less than 3 finger-breadths from the corner: Menachot 41a
Attaching a section of another garment to this one: Menachot 41a

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