The Tzitzit Strings

Please note that within this document, the term "Tzitzit" refers to the fringe-strings which are worn on the corners of four-cornered garments.

Threading the dyed strings on the Intermediate Days of Holidays, in an Altered Manner: Moed Katan 19a [2x]
Minimum/Maximum length of the strings: Menachot 41b-42a
Using stolen strings: Succah 9a
Using strings which already extend, as loose threads, from the garment: Menachot 42b
Requiring that the strings be created with intent for use for the Mitzvah: Succah 9a; Menachot 42b
Whether the material of the strings is determined by the material in the garment ["Min Kanaf"]: Menachot 38a, 38b, 39a, 39b
The validity of strings which are truncated, depending upon the size of the remainder: Menachot 38b, 39a, 41b
Using strings of wool and linen: Menachot 39b
Using strings which will create, with the garment, a mixture of wool and linen, in Jerusalem: Menachot 40a

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