Wearing Tzitzit

Please note that within this document, the term "Tzitzit" refers to the fringe-strings which are worn on the corners of four-cornered garments.

Making a blessing on each donning of Tzitzit: Berachot 24b; Menachot 43a
HaShem puts one who doesn't wear Tzitzit in Ex-Communication: Pesachim 113b
Reward for Care in Mitzvah of Tzitzit: Shabbat 118b
One should always be wearing Tzitzit: Shabbat 153a
Exemption of a merchant of Tzitzit from other Mitzvos, while engaged in marketing the Tzitzit: Succah 26a
Wearing Invalid Tzitzit Outside on Shabbat: Shabbat 139b; Menachot 37b-38a
Putting the Tallit back on if it falls off during the Amidah: Berachot 24b

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