The Cherubs - Keruivim

The meaning of the word "Cherub": Succah 5b
The faces of the Cherubs: Succah 5b
The height of the Cherubs, in the Tabernacle and in the First Temple: Succah 5b
The breadth of the Cherubs: Megillah 10b
Placement of the wings of the Cherubs: Succah 5b; Megillah 10b
They were displayed on the Holidays: Yoma 54a
They were representative of Hashem's relationship to the Jews: Yoma 54a
Nochrim's understanding of the Cherubs: Yoma 54b
The Cherubs in the Second Temple: Yoma 54a
After the Destruction (of the First Temple??): Yoma 54b

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