Annulling property to another person or a group

May a proprietor effectively annul his ownership of his property to the adjacent proprietors during Shabbat: Eruvin 65b-67a, 69b, 71a
Does a proprietor who annuls his area have to annul it to each individual bordering the joint property, or not: Eruvin 26b, 67a, 70a
Does a party need to annul his area if his lack of annulment would not forbid the others from transport, or if he could not participate in the merge, anyway: Eruvin 66a-67a
Whether one may annul his share in an area for a time, and then have the others "return" it by annulling their share in it back to him when they are done using it: Eruvin 68a-b, 69b, 79b
What happens if someone annuls his share and then transports property through the area, either due to error or with knowledge: Eruvin 68b, 68b-69a, 69b
May an heir, or someone who acquires property which a convert left when he died, annul his share on the Shabbat during which he inherits it: Eruvin 70a-71a
Having multiple residents annul their shares to one resident, or to multiple residents: Eruvin 69b-70a
Annulling one's share in a jointly-used ruin which borders multiple properties: Eruvin 66b, 67a, 68a, 75b
Annulling one's share in a yard which is alongside the yard fronting his house: Eruvin 66b-67a, 68a, 75b
Annulling one's share in a yard which is enclosed by an outer yard, or which encloses an inner yard, fronting his house: Eruvin 59b, 65b, 66a-67a, 75a
Ability of one resident of a non-participating property to annul that property's share for all of the residents: Eruvin 66a
Whether a Jewish employee of a Gentile may act as representative of his property: Eruvin 64a
What happens if a Gentile walls in a public area which had separated two private areas, on Shabbat; may one annul his share to the other: Eruvin 67a, 70b
What happens if there are several residents, and one forgets to merge and the others annul their share to him, and then he annuls his share to another resident who had not merged: Eruvin 69b

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