Location of the Meal

Link between a structure qualifying as a place to put the Eruv-meal, and it qualifying as a house, requiring its residents to participate in the Eruv-meal: Eruvin 85b
Differentiating between a place where residents around a yard may place their Eruv Meal, and a place where residents around an alley may place their Eruv Meal: Eruvin 85b
Having a great scholar collect the meal: Eruvin 68a
Having a minor collect the food for a merging meal: Eruvin 31b, 49a-b
Using food which is in a warehouse type of storage: Eruvin 68a, 86b
Placing the meal in a gatehouse, pavillion or porch: Eruvin 76a, 85b; Succah 3b
Placing the meal in a stable, or a shepherd or field-worker's temporary hut: Eruvin 85b
Does the owner of the house in which the meals are placed have to add a special meal to the joint meals, too: Eruvin 49a
What if a yard owner splits his meal into multiple vessels: Eruvin 49a-b
What if various yard owners place their meals in different vessels inside the same house, or inside different houses: Eruvin 48b, 49a, 49a-b, 72b, 73a
Whether the communal meal linking houses which border an area may be placed in a house which is of less than 4*4 Cubits: Succah 3a-b

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