Specific items one may or may not move

Food which is not fit for use: Shabbat 127b-128b, 143a
Bones and shells from a meal: Shabbat 143a; Beitzah 2a
Terumah which is Impure: Shabbat 141b, 142a
Animal hide: Beitzah 10a, 11a
Animal fodder: Shabbat 141a, 143a; Beitzah 2a-b, 6b
Preparing animal fodder for animals: Shabbat 155a-b; Beitzah 6b
Live creatures: Shabbat 128b; Eruvin 104b-105a; Succah 22b
Infants born after 8 months of gestation, except to save their lives: Shabbat 135a
Dealing with a human corpse: Shabbat 151a-b, 151b
Knives: Eruvin 35a
Saw: Eruvin 35a
The main peg attaching a plow to its harness: Eruvin 35a
Ashes from an oven, on Yom Tov: Beitzah 2a
Beams used for construction: Shabbat 157a; Beitzah 2b
Beams that broke on Yom Tov: Shabbat 157a; Beitzah 2b
Phylacteries/Tefillin: Beitzah 15a

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