Rabbah bar Avuha

Rav Nachman's Citations of Rabbah bar Avuha citing Rav on what may be done for an infant on Shabbat: Shabbat 129b
Statements which Rav Nachman made, citing Rabbah bar Avuha, regarding interruptions between yards which one wishes to merge in order to permit transportation between them on Shabbat: Eruvin 77b-78a
Rava rejecting Rabbah bar Avuha's text-changing explanation of a Mishnah: Shabbat 134b
Rabbah bar Avuha asking Eliyahu what the true answer was in a debate between Sages on an historical occurrence, and Eliyahu responding that all were correct: Megillah 15b
The wall which Rabbah bar Avuha built around a town's different segments, because the general wall was not acceptable for certain legal purposes: Eruvin 26a, 60a
Rabbah bar Avuha reversing the sides in a Mishnah to match known views of the Sages involved: Bava Metzia 80b

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