R' Abba

What R' Abba used to do to vent anger: Shabbat 105b
R' Abba used to buy meat from 13 different butchers on Friday to find good meat for Shabbat, and he would bring the money to their houses and urge them to bring the meat quickly: Shabbat 119a
R' Abba ate chicken as a medicine after soaking it in hot water, post-cooking, for several days: Shabbat 145b
R' Abba put his Phylacteries down, and a bird [ostrich?] came along and began eating them: Moed Katan 26a
Rav Safra tried his chicken medication and needed aged wine to cure himself afterwards: Shabbat 145b
Rav Yosef found his chicken medication so disgusting that its memory made him want to spit: Shabbat 145b
Answered R' Yirmiyah's request for an explanation of an argument, "When you find [the answer].": Shabbat 143b
Ulla responded to a statement of his, "This man is [speaking] as though he had never learned!": Bava Metzia 11b
Reporting an anecdote of Rav Huna's life: Nedarim 7b
Set of citations of others: Succah 13b
Asking a question and answering it himself: Nedarim 43a-b
R' Abba said Beiha got his sharpness of mind from being in Israel, but Rav Yitzchak responded that Beiha had been wise from being in Bavel and in Israel: Temurah 29a
R' Abba avoiding Rav Yehudah before moving to Israel, because he knew Rav Yehudah opposed the move: Berachot 24b
R' Abba reacting to the last lesson he learned from Rav Yehudah before moving; it was a lesson about prayer and bathroom function: Berachot 24b

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