Rabbah bar Rav Chanan

Was asked by Rava to eulogize him: Shabbat 153a
Rabbah bar Rav Chanan said to Abayye, "If the master [Rabbah] had heard Law X, he would have changed his mind." Rabbah bar Rav Chanan was incorrect: Eruvin 38b-39a
Rabbah bar Rav Chanan had a certain practice, which Abayye challenged. Rabbah bar Rav Chanan renounced his practice: Eruvin 51b-52a
Rabbah bar Rav Chanan terming Abayye and Rabbah "Great Men": Eruvin 68a
Rabbah bar Rav Chanan asked Abayye why the alley on which Abayye and Rabbah both lived had no "merging meal" permitting transport in the area on Shabbat. Abayye responded that it wouldn't be proper for Rabbah's honor for Rabbah to collect the meal, and Abayye had been too busy with his learning, and the rest of the people weren't careful about it. Abayye said he couldn't afford to donate a meal every week, so he couldn't donate a meal for joint use: Eruvin 68a
Rabbah bar Rav Chanan called Abayye "Tarda [Confused person -Rashi Bava Metzia 20b; Dribbling Idiot -Aruch; Rashi Keritot 18b renders it as shoteh or lazy person]": Keritot 18b [2x]

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