Rav Anan

Wore a poor garment while preparing for Shabbat, to show that one shouldn't consider one's own respect in preparing for Shabbat: Shabbat 119a
Learned in the house of Shemuel: Kiddushin 21b
Termed Shemuel "Mar Shemuel": Eruvin 6b, 74b
Cited a practice of Shemuel to prove a point: Eruvin 6b
Shemuel allowed use of a certain type of entranceway-structure to permit transportation within an alley. Rav Anan destroyed it after Shemuel's death, and Eivot bar Ihi, a resident, said, "I lived here until now under the ruling of Mar Shemuel, but now Rav Anan has knocked it down." [Rashi explains that Rav Anan did this because certain circumstances had changed.]: Eruvin 74a-b
Rav Nachman chastised him for not asking a question on one of Shemuel's teachings, saying "You must have been playing with chips!": Kiddushin 21b
Rav Chanan and Rav Anan travelling on the road, and one saying to the other that they should ex-communicate a man who they saw violating a rabbinic prohibition; the other responded that they weren't expert enough in the laws to clarify the prohibition: Kiddushin 39a
Rav Anan said, "This is the way it was explained to me, by Shemuel": Eruvin 95a; Makkot 3b

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