R' Chiyya bar Abba

Labelled "Bavlai [Babylonian]" by R' Yochanan: Shabbat 105b
R' Yochanan told R' Chiyya bar Abba "If I hadn't lifted the pottery, you wouldn't have found the gem underneath it!": Bava Metzia 17b
R' Chiyya bar Abba and R' Ayvo bar Nagri practiced a law against a teaching of R' Yochanan, angering him: Rosh HaShanah 21a
He and R' Asi labelled "Dardeki [Children]" by R' Yochanan, and chastised for speaking without knowledge [although it doesn't seem that he was guilty here?]: Shabbat 145b
Asking R' Asi why the birds of Bavel were fatter than those of Israel: Shabbat 145b
Asking R' Asi why the holidays of Israel were less joyful than those of Bavel: Shabbat 145b
Asking R' Asi why the Torah Scholars of Israel were less visible than those of Bavel: Shabbat 145b
Asking R' Asi why the non-Jews sweated more than the Jews: Shabbat 145b
Teacher of Reish Lakish's children: Ketuvot 8b
Consolation when one of Reish Lakish's children died: Ketuvot 8b
Responding to a question, in Aramaic, "The wise men and teachers and heads of the nation and the speakers say...": Succah 38b
After R' Chiyya bar Abba saw how R' Yehoshua ben Levi rushed to bring his son to school, he wouldn't eat breakfast before reviewing his son's learning with him and adding some new item: Kiddushin 30a
R' Chiyya bar Abba responding to a question of R' Zeira with a sharp insult, 'Tarda!': Zevachim 25b
Telling of visiting a wealthy man in Ludkiya, who credited his wealth to his efforts as a butcher to save choice meats for Shabbat: Shabbat 119a
Physical Suffering healed by R' Yochanan: Berachot 5b
R' Chanina bar Yosef, R' Chiyya bar Abba and R' Asi were staying in an inn together and had a Halachic question; R' Chanina bar Yosef gave a leniency, which R' Asi opposed. R' Chiyya bar Abba said, "Let us depend on the elder," which they did. They later asked R' Yochanan, and he approved of their actions, to the amazement of the students in Neherdaa and of R' Elazar: Eruvin 65b-66b
R' Chiyya bar Abba and R' Asa and Rava bar Natan learning together, and Rav Nachman listening and approving their words, and saying Shemuel approved their words, too: Eruvin 32b
R' Chiyya bar Abba was careful not to see forbidden things, such as women emerging from doing laundry: Makkot 24a
R' Chiyya bar Abba's set of quotations of R' Yochanan: Shabbat 114a; Megillah 19b
R' Chiyya bar Abba citing a statement of R' Yochanan, and then "smashing it on the head": Megillah 19b [2x]
Set of statements which were either R' Yirmiyah's or R' Chiyya bar Abba's: Megillah 2b-3a
Set of statements, cited by R' Alechsandri: Nedarim 41a

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