R' Chanina bar Pappa/Pappi

Set of Statements which were sometimes attributed to R' Zeira, sometimes to R' Chanina bar Pappa: Succah 46a
How he began his teaching of the Purim Story: Megillah 11a
R' Chanina bar Pappa was propositioned by a Roman matron, and first used magic to make himself disgusting, then ran away when she used magic to cure him, hiding in an area which was supposed to dagnerous due to Evil Spirits, where he was protected by two apparent guards of the Caesar as a reward for not taking the opportunity to sin: Kiddushin 39b-40a
A string of comments on Torah study and Manners, from sages named Chanina: R' Chanina, then R' Chanina bar Pappa, then R' Chanina bar Chama, then R' Chanina bar Idi: Taanit 7a

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