Description of R' Yochanan / Personal Anecdotes

His beauty: Berachot 5b, 20a
As a "Baal Bassar [Person of Flesh]": Berachot 13b; Niddah 14a
Suffering "Bulmus": Yoma 83b
In utero, hungry on Yom Kippur: Yoma 82b
Crying over the severity of Hashem's judgment: Chagigah 5a
R' Yochanan's father died before he was born, and his mother during childbirth: Kiddushin 31b
Lost many children: Berachot 5b
R' Yochanan sitting near the mikvah so that women would see him as they emerged, and have beautiful children: Berachot 20a
R' Yochanan, as a descendant of Joseph, was not concerned about the evil eye [ayin hara]: Berachot 20a
R' Yochanan standing before non-Jewish elders: Kiddushin 33a
Declaration on the importance of Torah and a good Reputation, upon finishing Iyyov [Job]: Berachot 17a
Declared, "If anyone can explain [a certain case], I'll carry his clothing to the Bathhouse!": Bava Metzia 41a
Declared "This is not Torah" on another's legal argument: Gittin 23a
Surprised at the long lives in Bavel: Berachot 8a
Declared, on those who maintained produce which he forbade, "May they not have a grandchild": Kiddushin 39a
R' Yochanan asked, "Who whispered that idea to you?!": Eruvin 91a [see Tosafot]
Drank wine after blood-letting until the smell emerged from his ears: Shabbat 129a
Dessert he used to eat: Pesachim 119b
Used to spit when reminded of the concoction "Kutach HaBavli," as it was disgusting to him: Shabbat 145b
Attributed a student's death to a worm in figs: Shabbat 90a
Credited a potion with restoring his reproductive ability in his old age: Shabbat 111a
Called his clothing his "Honorers": Shabbat 113a, 113b
Biting off his nails in the Study Hall on the Intermediate Days of Holidays: Moed Katan 18a
R' Yochanan stating that Eliyahu will have to come to explain a certain part of the Torah: Menachot 45a [2x]
R' Yochanan reporting that in his youth he had responded to a problem which he had put to the Elders, and it had turned out that he was correct: Megillah 5b-6a
R' Yochanan personally measured the area of milk and honey in Israel: Megillah 6a
How he began his teaching of the Purim Story: Megillah 11a
R' Yochanan said, "The early ones [a reference to R' Akiva or R' Elazar ben Shamua] had hearts like the entrance to the Temple's large hall, and the later ones [a reference to R' Elazar ben Shamua or R' Oshia Berebi (Berebi=leader of his generation)] like the entrance to the Temple's smaller hall, and ours are like the eye of a clothes-needle." Abayye added, "Our ability to understand is like that of a peg jammed into a small hole in a wall." Rava added, "Our minds' ability to understand is like a finger stabbing into thick wax." Rav Ashi added, "We forget as easily as a finger fits into a cistern's entrance.": Eruvin 53a

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