Blessings for Studying Torah

Biblical origins of these blessings: Berachot 21a
For different segments of Torah: Berachot 11b, 14b
The language of the Blessings: Berachot 11b
Number of Blessings, and structure: Rosh Berachot 1:13
The Blessings and Blessings for the Reading of the Torah: Rosh Berachot 1:13
Learning right after the Blessings: Tos. Berachot 11b #2
Rav's Blessings on Learning Torah: Berachot 11b
Blessings Last all day, despite breaks in learning: Tos. Berachot 11b #2
Blessings Last through a daytime sleep: Rosh Berachot 1:13
Blessings Last into the next night, post-sleep: Tos. Berachot 11b #2, Rosh Berachot 1:13
Using "Ahavah Rabbah" Prayer as a Substitute for Blessings for Learning Torah: Berachot 11b

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