Miscellaneous Notes on the Written Torah

How the Torah chooses which lifetime-chronologies to record: Megillah 17a
Where people's hometowns aren't mentioned, they came from Jerusalem: Megillah 15a
Where a person's actions aren't mentioned but his father's are, or the reverse, one may assume that his actions are along the lines of those of the relative whose acts were described: Megillah 15a
Use of Abbrevations/Acronyms in the Torah: Shabbat 105a
The Torah doesn't generally record the day of the week: Rosh HaShanah 3a
Why the Written Torah didn't include rabbinic law: Eruvin 21b
The Talmud learning a "Derash" analysis, and then asking, "But what is the basic translation? [Pashteih diKra beMai Ketiv?]": Eruvin 23b
Rashi, on the gemara's citation of a biblical verse, feeling the need to provide the source of the verse: Berachot 15b; Succah 12a, 51b, 53a; Megilah 11a; Sotah 10a, 11b; Bava Metzia 76a, 84a, 108a; Menachot 45a

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