King David and Batsheva

Why Batsheva wasn't prohibited to King David and Uryah: Ketuvot 9a-b
Batsheva's status was that she was "possibly" married: Bava Metzia 59a, and see Tosafot "noach" there
King David fearful that his sin would cause him to be kept from Gan Eden: Berachot 4a
King David asking that his sin not be recorded: Yoma 86b
Dovid's constant embarrassment over what he had done: Bava Metzia 59a
Dovid suffering mockery in the beit midrash for what he had done: Bava Metzia 59a
King David brought a "Burnt Offering" of Repentance: Moed Katan 16b
A Divine Voice told King David that he was unable to fulfill the Biblical verse of "1 pursuing 1000" in war because of the incident with Bat Sheva: Moed Katan 16b
King David suffered from Avshalom's rebellion as a punishment for taking Batsheva: Sotah 10b-11a

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