Definition of a Torah Scholar

Declaring one's self a Torah Scholar, vis-a-vis work on the 9th of Av: Berachot 17b; Pesachim 54b; Taanit 30b
Level necessary for a Torah Scholar to claim a lost object on recognizing it, without presenting a description independently: Shabbat 114a
General spiritual requirements of a Torah Scholar: Yoma 72b
Defining a Torah Scholar who is fit to be a "Parnas" - a community leader: Shabbat 114a [2x]
Defining a Torah Scholar who deserves to have others do his work for him: Shabbat 114a
Level of a Torah Scholar to deserve having a worn-out Torah Scroll buried alongside him: Megillah 26b
A scholar constantly reviews his learning: R. Berachot 5a "Ve'Im Talmid"
Only one who wakes early to study and studies until late can master Torah: Eruvin 21b-22a
Only one who darkens his face like that of a raven can master Torah: Eruvin 22a
Only one who is harsh to his family, as a raven is, can master Torah: Eruvin 22a

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