Hidden Sections of Torah

It could be that one could describe the secret sections of the Torah describing Gd's "Merkavah," without ever having seen it: Megillah 24b
One should hide the hidden sections of Torah, and not Teach them: Pesachim 119a
A man from Galil came to Bavel, and lectured on "Ma'aseh Merkavah" until a wasp stung him on his temple, killing him: Shabbat 80b
"Sefer Yetzirah [Book of Creation]" contains the Gematria [Numerical Analysis of Words] forms: R. Shabbat 104a "Amar Leih Achat"
In the Torah, the revealed issues are discussed; in the Prophets, there are secrets mixed in: Megillah 3a
A true translation of the "Writings" Section of the Torah would contain the secret of when the Messiah will arrive: Megillah 3a
Reading the section of the "Merkavah" for the Special Reading from the Prophets: Megillah 25a
Reading and translating the Creation of the Universe, publically: Megillah 25a-b
Inquiring as to what is "above, below, before and after": Megillah 25a-b

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