Rebbe's Household

Rebbe's household would stop learning Torah to fulfill the Mitzvah of Reading the Purim Story: Megillah 3a, 3b
His household's couches: Shabbat 122a
The clever way in which the maidservants in Rebbe's house spoke: Eruvin 53b
There was a maidservant in Rebbe's house who was still preparing food at the age of 92: Shabbat 152a
There was a maidservant in Rebbe's house who ex-communicated a man who she saw striking his adult son: Moed Katan 17a
Rebbe's maidservant whose speech demonstrated the meanings of several esoteric words to the Sages: Rosh HaShanah 26b; Megillah 18a
Rebbe's maidservant's Ritual Immersion: Kiddushin 25a

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