Personal Legal Practices

A case of Rebbe specifically practicing in a divergent way from the norm, in an attempt to alter the accepted practice: Megillah 5a-b
Yawning with his mouth covered, burping, sneezing, spitting and removing lice from his clothing during the Amidah: Berachot 24a-b
What Rebbe did if his tallit fell off during the Amidah: Berachot 24b
Rebbe accepted testimony of a man that his mother was captured and not slept with, when he spoke without awareness of the importance of his words: Ketuvot 27b
Rebbe and a person who claimed his wife had falsely declared herself a virgin, where she was undernourished: Ketuvot 10b
Whether the law is like Rebbe against an individual/group: Eruvin 46b; Pesachim 27a; Ketuvot 21a
Adding a prayer to Amidah for protection from danger; this prayer has been incorporated into our davening, in the beginning of the verses of the Offerings: Berachot 16b
How Rebbe Recited the Shema: Berachot 13b
How Rebbe performed Havdalah ending Shabbat: Pesachim 54a
Rebbe Repeating Verses in the Hallel-Prayer: Pesachim 119b
Sneaking lessons dealing with the departure from Egypt into the class before the Latest Time for Shema: Berachot 13b
Rebbe having the Students move the sheaves from a field, each one moving less than 4 Cubits, to make room for the Class: Shabbat 127a
Rebbe's family ate ordinary food with the rules of purity of sanctified items: Niddah 6b
Examining menstrual blood at night, by candlelight: Niddah 20b
Examining the same menstrual blood at different times of day, and coming to different conclusions, leading to recrimination: Niddah 20b
Rebbe said he learned a lot from his teachers, more from his peers, and most from his students: Makkot 10a
Rebbe's refusal to permit or forbid transport in an alley which bordered on the sea and on a garbage heap, lest the heap be removed or the sea deposit sufficient silt to create land: Eruvin 8a, 99b
Rebbe enacted a law that the people of Geder could visit Chamtan, but not the reverse, on Shabbat, because the people of Chamtan would kill Gederites who visited them in Chamtan, where they felt powerful: Eruvin 61a
R' Chanina's report of how Rebbe stored his phylacteries [tefillin]: Berachot 24a

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