Personal Stories of Rebbe

According to Abayye, Rabbah, Rav, Rebbe and King David habitually slept like horses, meaning that they napped for 60 "breaths": Succah 26b
Rebbe's instructions to his children: Pesachim 112b
Successfully praying for the cure of 2 mute men who learned in his neighborhood: Chagigah 3a
Crying over Prayers of Mourning for the 9th of Av: Chagigah 5b
Preferred Sons to Daughters: Pesachim 65a
Rebbe confusing his students when he changed his point of view on an issue: Bava Metzia 44a
Rebbe's wealth was greater than that of Shevor Malka: Shabbat 113b
Rebbe honored wealthy people: Eruvin 85b-86a
Rebbe was termed "Rabbeinu HaKadosh [Our Holy Rebbe]" because he didn't look or touch below his belt: Shabbat 118b
When a student killed a snake in the Study Hall, Rebbe said "A destructive creature has killed a destructive creature": Shabbat 121b
Rebbe lived in Tiveria: Megillah 5b
Rebbe traveling to a town and finding them making elementary mistakes in law due to their misunderstanding of a rabbi they had heard: Sanhedrin 5b
Rebbe's role in authoring the Mishnah: Megillah 9b
A woman's complaint to him regarding her husband's manners during sexual relations, and his response: Nedarim 20b
Rebbe remarking on a woman in his neighborhood who was deaf and mute, and yet was noted as an expert in checking menstrual blood for impurity [an extremely difficult legal area]: Niddah 13b
Responding to a question, "There are two answers to this": Shabbat 115a
Rebbe saying, "My words appear to be more correct than those of my father [Rabban Shimon ben Gamliel] in this matter": Eruvin 32a
Rebbe was called upon to calibrate local volume measurements versus those of the Torah: Eruvin 83a

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