R' Elazar/Eliezer ben R' Tzaddok

On Pesach with his father in Yavneh: Pesachim 49a
Statements by Ayvo, Rav's grandson, quoting/about R' Elazar B"R Tzaddok: Succah 44b
R' Elazar/Eliezer ben R' Tzaddok citing a practice of the household of Rabban Gamliel: Beitzah 14b
R' Elazar/Eliezer ben R' Tzaddok's question to the Sages in Usha, and his own re-telling of what was said in Yavneh: Niddah 14b-15a
R' Elazar/Eliezer ben R' Tzaddok claimed his lineage was from Sinav ben Binyamin, a family which brought wood for the Temple oferings for the tenth of Av in the time of Ezra, so that the tenth of Av was a holiday for them: Eruvin 41a

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