R' Ilai

Removing under-ripe fruit from a tree during the Sabbatical Year: Pesachim 52b-53a
R' Yishmael told R' Ilai not to question a verdict he had rendered, because he had already permitted it. In fact, he had been correct, and R' Ila'i had not heard the whole statement: Gittin 6b
R' Ilai travelling to visit R' Eliezer on Succot: Succah 27b
R' Eliezer calling R' Ilai "Ilai": Succah 27b
R' Ilai recording a set of laws he learned from R' Eliezer: Eruvin 23a
Included as one of "The Three Elders" with R' Yehudah ben Beteirah and R' Yoshiyah: Berachot 22a
R' Ilai recording a lesson he learned from R' Eliezer, and saying, "I tried to find confirmation for this from others, but I was not able to: Eruvin 23a
Rabban Gamliel was riding from Akko to Keziv, and R' Ilai was walking alongside him. When they found a pastry, Rabban Gamliel told R' Ilai to take it. They then encountered a Gentile, and Rabban Gamliel told the Gentile, "Mavgai, take the pastry." This turned out to be the Gentile's name, indicating that Rabban Gamliel was gifted with Divine Inspiration [Ruach haKodesh]. When they arrived at their destination, someone wanted Rabban Gamliel to rescind a vow, but Rabban Gamliel said they had to travel three Mil first to reduce the effects of Italian wine they had drunk along the way: Eruvin 64b

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