R' Shimon bar Rebbe

Rebbe ex-communicated Bar Kappara for telling R' Shimon that even Rebbe couldn't answer a question they were working on: Moed Katan 16a
R' Chiyya not standing before R' Shimon bar Rebbe in a bathhouse, and R' Shimon getting upset and complaining to Rebbe: Kiddushin 33a
R' Chiyya pointed out R' Shimon bar Rebbe's deep voice, as a blemish for a Levite; R' Shimon complained to Rebbe, who pointed out R' Chiyya's own speech impediment, substituing "Hey" for "Chet": Megillah 24b
Bar Kappara, or perhaps R' Shemuel B"R Yosi, not standing before R' Shimon bar Rebbe, upsetting him; he complained to his father, Rebbe: Kiddushin 33a
How Batnit, the son of Abba Shaul ben Batnit, helped him to rescind a vow: Nedarim 22b-23a
Rebbe praised a question from Levi. Rabbi Shimon son of Rebbe challenged the value of the question based on a mishnah, and Rebbe retorted, "He asked me a wise question, and you reply based on a mishnah?!" because there were multiple editions of that mishnah: Zevachim 30b

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