Rabbi Tarfon

R' Tarfon's treatment of his mother: Kiddushin 31b
Rava commenting on a statement by R' Tarfon: "His Master should forgive him!": Succah 32b
R' Tarfom was admonished for reading Shema prone [by the road] like the House of Shammai's ruling: Berachot 10b
Gave candies to children, to keep them awake and involved on Pesach night: Pesachim 109a
Swearing on the life of his son: Shabbat 116a; Zevachim 13a
R' Tarfon, R' Yosi HaGelili, R' Elazar ben Azaryah and R' Akiva attempting to console R' Yishmael on the loss of his sons: Moed Katan 28b
R' Yehudah learning before R' Tarfon: Kiddushin 14a
R' Yehudah reading the Scroll of the Purim Story before R' Tarfon and the Elders in Lud: Megillah 20a
R' Tarfon and the Sages, learning in the upper level of the house of Nitzah in Lud: Kiddushin 40b
R' Tarfon said he had heard a lesson on a subject but he could not explain it, and then R' Akiva explained it. R' Tarfon swore "ha'Avodah," by the service in the beit hamikdash [or by the Name of Gd, per some commentators], that R' Akiva was correct, and declared that anyone who departed from R' Akiva was as though he was departing from his own life: Zevachim 13a
R' Akiva and R' Tarfon said that had they been on the courts, capital punishment would never have been administered. R' Shimon ben Gamliel responded that they would then be increasing the number of murders: Makkot 7a
R' Tarfon resting outside a town when Shabbat began, not realizing he was within the "Techum" boundary of travel for the town: Eruvin 45a
R' Tarfon's rulings in Lod on price-gouging and profiteering, and the reaction of the Lod marketplace: Bava Metzia 49b-50b

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