R' Yehudah ben Beteira

Fooling an Arami who used to steal from the Pesach Offering into revealing his identity: Pesachim 3b
Calling R' Akiva "Akiva" in a discussion: Shabbat 96b, 97a
Telling R' Akiva that one may not interpret events negatively for one whose act was concealed by the Torah: Shabbat 96b-97a
R' Yehudah ben Beteira sent a message to ben Bag Bag, beginning, "I know that you are expert in all of the rooms of the Torah, to analyze via the "Kal VaChomer" method: Kiddushin 10b
Telling a student, "Words of Torah cannot become impure" even if spoken by one who is impure: Berachot 22a
Included as one of "The Three Elders" with R' Ila'i and R' Yoshiyah: Berachot 22a

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