R' Yishmael

Sat up for the Recitation of Shema, to prevent students from misunderstanding R' Elazar Ben Azariah's leaning: Berachot 11a
R' Yishmael was an expert in Talmud which dealt with issues that don't deal with law [Aggadata]: Moed Katan 28b
When an anonymous student cites R' Yishmael in front of R' Akiva, that is R' Meir: Eruvin 13a
Told a writer of Amulets, who had dunked them in water when he saw R' Yishmael coming, that the latter sin was worse than the former: Shabbat 115b
R' Tarfon, R' Yosi HaGelili, R' Elazar ben Azaryah and R' Akiva attempting to console R' Yishmael on the loss of his sons: Moed Katan 28b
R' Yishmael told R' Ilai not to question a verdict he had rendered, because he had already permitted it. In fact, he had been correct, and R' Ila'i had not heard the whole statement: Gittin 6b
Two Sages of the Mishnah [trei tannai] debating as to what R' Yishmael had said: Megillah 10b, 23a; Zevachim 37a, 52a-b
R' Akiva said that a student's Halachic statement, citing R' Yishmael, was not actually something R' Yishmael had said, but the Halachah would follow that student anyway. He either said this to make a point of encouraging students to think independently, or as a simple statement that he agreed with that student's thinking: Eruvin 13a
R' Yishmael warning R' Meir about the seriousness of writing a Torah scroll, and R' Meir's response: Eruvin 13a
R' Meir tried to learn before R' Akiva, but R' Akiva was too sharp, and so he learned before R' Yishmael, and then before R' Akiva: Eruvin 13a

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