R' Yosi HaGelili

Exclaiming "Tameih Al Atzmicha! [Be Amazed at Yourself!]": Pesachim 23a, 28b
His town ate fowl with milk, in accordance with his ruling, against the majority view: Shabbat 130a
R' Tarfon, R' Yosi HaGelili, R' Elazar ben Azaryah and R' Akiva attempting to console R' Yishmael on the loss of his sons: Moed Katan 28b
R' Yosi haGelili once met Beruriah on the road, and asked her, "Which way is it to go to Lud?" She responded, "Foolish Galilean, didn't the sages say that you should not engage overly much in idle speech with a woman? You should have said, 'Where to Lud!'": Eruvin 53b

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