Binding the Species

Whether the Lulav is to be bound to the other species, or not: Succah 11b, 30b, 31a, 31b, 33a, 36b
Distinguishing, in use of extraneous species, between the lower and upper bindings: Succah 36b
Whether other palm growths are considered to be of the same species as the Palm branch, for binding it: Succah 36b-37a
The Binding of the Lulav, as an example of the principle of beautifying Mitzvot: Succah 11b, 31a, 33a
Whether the binding requires an act, or can happen naturally: Succah 33a
Whether the binding is part of the Mitzvah, or merely designation of the species: Succah 33b
Leaving a space to grip the Species, apart from the bound area: Succah 37a
Keeping the Etrog outside of the group: Succah 34b
Binding the Lulav at the top, specifically: Succah 29b, 31a
Binding the Lulav itself, tightly: Succah 31a, 32a
Only binding the Lulav with material of its own species: Succah 31a, 36a
How much the Lulav must extend above the Hadas: Succah 32b
Binding the species on the holiday: Succah 33b

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