Bringing the Redemption

Mashiach waits for the "end of the souls in the Guf": Niddah 13b
Citing a source with its statement brings the Redemption to this world: Megillah 15a; Niddah 19b
Yaakov's inability to reveal the time of the Messiah to his children: Pesachim 56a
As a reward for not working on Pesach and Succot, & for Raising the four Species on Succot, the Jews merit to destory Esav, to build the Temple, and to see the Messiah: Pesachim 5a
Keeping two Shabbatot would bring Redemption: Shabbat 118b
Repentance: Yoma 86b
Charity: Shabbat 139a
[Insincere] Converts delay the arrival of Mashiach: Niddah 13b
Marrying a pre-pubescent girl delays the arrival of Mashiach: Niddah 13b
The world will not be at peace before Gd until people are generous and provide food for the poor: Eruvin 86a

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