The Messianic Era

Remembering the Departure from Egypt during the Messianic Era: Berachot 12b, 13a
Gifts of Egypt and Kush to the Messiah: Pesachim 118b
Refusing to accept the gift of Rome, although they are our brothers: Pesachim 118b
The fall of the tyrannical nations: Sotah 9a
The wealth of Rome will be a Reward for the Torah Scholars: Pesachim 118b-119a
Relationship between the Jews and the Nations: Eruvin 43b
Gd said He would punish the Egyptians with three "cups." The first was in the time of Moshe, the second in the time of Paroh Nechoh, and the third will be in the time of the Messiah: Sotah 9a

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