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A person cannot know the day when the Monarchy of David will be restored: Pesachim 54b
Years that the world is supposed to last: Rosh HaShanah 31a
Stages of the Redemption in parallel with the 6th, 7th and post-7th years of the Sabbatical Cycle: Megillah 17b
Comparison between the effort of earning a living and of bringing the Messiah: Pesachim 118a
A war, as part of the beginning of the Redemption: Megillah 17b
There will be no enevedment to other nations during the time of the Messiah: Shabbat 151b
Whether there will be Merit/Sin in the time of the Messiah: Shabbat 151b
Whether the ultimate redemption will be in the month of Nisan or of Tishrei: Rosh HaShanah 11a
The eventual downfall of Edom, and conversion of evil facilities to proper uses: Megillah 6a

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