Terumah for the wife of a Kohen

Whether a Kohen's bride may eat Terumah [biblically] during the time between Kiddushin and Nisuin: Kiddushin 5a, 10b-11a
Whether a Kohen's bride eats Terumah even without marriage, from one year after Kiddushin: Ketuvot 2a
Above, if she stalls the Wedding, or there is an unavoidable circumstance preventing Marriage: Ketuvot 2a-b
If the above-mentioned One Year ended on a Sunday: Ketuvot 2a
Whether marriage via entry under the Chuppah-Canopy permits eating of Terumah: Kiddushin 10b-11a
How old a wife must be, to be allowed to eat her husband's Terumah: Kiddushin 10b
For a wife who rebels against her marriage: Gittin 12b-13a
For a wife while her husband is overseas, and therefore possibly dead without her knowledge: Succah 23b
For a wife who was given a divorce which is to take effect "One hour before the husband's death": Succah 23b; Nedarim 3b-4a
At what point in the Sotah process a woman who is married to a Kohen is no longer allowed to consume Terumah: Sotah 2a
Whether a woman may eat Terumah if she tells her Kohen husband that she has been adulterous, or if witnesses say she was adulterous: Sotah 6a
Whether a woman may eat Terumah if the Sotah process is halted, due to her own refusal to participate, or her husband's refusal, or due to her husband having relations with her after beginning the Sotah process: Sotah 6a

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